Arthritis is a medical condition characterized by the inflammation and swelling of one or more joints. It can affect a single joint or manifest throughout the entire body. The hallmark symptoms of arthritis include persistent joint pain and stiffness, which tend to worsen with the passage of time and aging.

Arthritis is a complex condition with numerous potential causes and various distinct types, making the choice of treatment highly individualized. It’s important to note that arthritis-related pain can emerge in any joint of the body and may not necessarily be linked to a specific injury or trauma.

At Kinetic Health & Injury Specialists, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and precise evaluations for individuals dealing with arthritis pain. Our approach begins with an initial clinical history assessment and a thorough physical examination, aiming to gain deep insights into your arthritis and its impact on your overall well-being.

Our evaluation process goes beyond the basics, encompassing a range of diagnostic procedures, including nerve and muscle tests, deep tendon reflex assessments, orthopedic evaluations, and motor and sensory testing. Additionally, we conduct meticulous bone and joint assessments to further refine our understanding of your condition.

Based on the comprehensive information gathered during these assessments, we may recommend additional testing or diagnostic imaging to ensure a precise diagnosis.

We understand the urgency and discomfort associated with arthritis pain, which is why we offer FREE consultations and same-day appointments to provide immediate relief. Our commitment to your well-being is unwavering, and if we cannot determine the precise cause of your arthritis pain, we pledge to connect you with the appropriate specialist who can provide the answers you seek.

Choose Kinetic Health & Injury Specialists for a thorough, personalized, and compassionate approach to managing and alleviating arthritis pain. Your journey to a pain-free life begins with us.

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