Massage Therapies

Trigger Point Myotherapy (TPM)

Trigger Point Myotherapy (TPM) is used to relieve muscle pain and tension and reduce painful areas in the muscle fibers called Trigger Points. Trigger Points are hyperirritable, sensitive spots that develop in the skeletal muscle fascia. These painful areas can develop following direct trauma or be secondary to a chronic condition. They can produce local pain or refer pain to a different area of the body.

Trigger Points can develop following Car Accidents and Work Injuries due to the tearing and overstretching of soft tissue fibers. As your body begins to heal, these torn and broken fibers are replaced with scar tissue. Unfortunately, this new “scar tissue” is only about 80% as strong and 80% as flexible as the injured tissue it’s replacing. Due to the chaotic arrangement of the scar tissue fibers themselves, Trigger Points can develop and become an additional source of pain.

Trigger Point Myotherapy is used to help realign tissue fibers as well as pump out inflammation, toxins and other unwanted biochemicals. TPM helps increase circulation and blood flow and aids in the transportion of vital nutritional components into to, and out of the injured areas.

For painful, healing soft tissues, TPM is an essential part of many Treatment Plans at Kinetic Health & Injury Specialists. We perform TPM using specific hands-on protocols by the Doctor as well as handheld machine instruments to release the affected muscle fascia. As always, each therapy and treatment is performed to patient tolerance and preference.

vibratory massage therapy

Vibratory Massage Therapy is often used in the treatment of soft tissue injuries resulting in neck pain, back pain, headaches and other symptoms. Vibratory Massage Therapy is very relaxing and an excellent way to work out muscular sore spots and help stimulate blood flow. Flushing out inflammation and toxins helps speed up the healing process.

Following treatment, patients often note an improvement in their range of motion, less muscle pain and spasm and a generalized feeling of less body tension.

Vibratory Massage Therapy can be used in the treatment of back pain, neck pain, headaches and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Long-term conditions related to muscular imbalance, spasm and pain are often the result of injuries that have become chronic and may have healed improperly. Breaking up these painful tender areas can significantly improve one’s quality of life and Vibratory Massage Therapy has shown to be a very safe, effective way of doing this.

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