Work Injuries

Dealing with Work Injuries

Getting hurt on the job can be a very scary overwhelming feeling.

What should I do?

Should I tell my Supervisor?

What if I can’t work?

I love my job and most importantly I need to feed my family…

Work Injuries can be stressful, complicated and often times don’t get reported right away. In fact, many Work Injuries aren’t always obvious events like slipping and falling on a wet floor, but can be gradual, repetitive stress type injuries from performing the same motion day after day. These are called Gillette Injuries and are grouped into a category all their own.

Repetitive Work Injuries often include tendonitis, swelling and inflammation and sensitive sore joints. In more advanced cases, abrupt injuries like herniated discs and ligament tears happen.

Did you know Lower Back Pain is the #1 cause of Job-Related Disability and

a leading contributor to missed work?

work injuries and restrictions

When you’re injured and don’t feel well, it’s often difficult to continue working or work without some kind of physical restrictions preventing you from injuring yourself further or aggravating your condition. Lifting, bending and even standing for extended periods can become unbearable.

If you’re injured and unable to work, we write Work Restrictions indicating why. If you can still work, but in a lesser capacity, we write Work Restrictions modifying your current job responsibilities so that you can continue to work but in a way in which you don’t hurt yourself further or become a danger to those around you.

Our goal is to always keep you working whenever possible, but because everybody’s job description and job requirements are different, we assess Workability on a case by case basis. Commonly written Work Restrictions include:

– Lifting a Maximum of ___ Pounds

– Ability to Change Positions As Needed

– No Repetitive Bending, Lifting or Twisting Motions

– Ability to Take a 5 Minute Break Every Hour

– Ability to Work Part-Time

– No Pushing or Pulling Movements including Shoveling Snow or Mowing the Lawn

Work injuries often respond very well to Chiropractic Care. We thoroughly evaluate you for muscle, joint, disc, nerve and other injuries. A complete Clinical History and PhysicalExamination are performed and Diagnostic Imaging and Referrals are made based upon a Medical Team approach.

We work with ALL Doctors and Attorneys and document your findings as if each case is a medicolegal case going to trial. If you have been injured at work, we offer FREE Consultations and Same Day Appointments to get you immediate help.

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