back pain

Back pain stands as one of the most pervasive health complaints in the United States and worldwide. Shockingly, approximately 80% of individuals will encounter back pain at some point during their lives.

The onset of back pain can be triggered by various factors, ranging from traumatic incidents like car accidents or workplace injuries to abrupt movements during sports activities or even mundane tasks such as carrying groceries, bending, or twisting.

Furthermore, back pain may result from a pinched nerve that gradually develops, a herniated disc that ruptures, or an underlying physiological condition like arthritis. The causes of back pain can be multifaceted, encompassing factors such as inflammation, nerve compression, muscle strain, or biomechanical joint dysfunction. In some cases, the root cause may be structural, while in others, it may be functional. The reality is that back pain can stem from a multitude of sources.

Back pain can profoundly impact day-to-day activities, making even routine tasks a source of discomfort, including dressing, bending over to put on socks, and bathing or showering.

The journey to uncovering the precise cause of your back pain commences with an Initial Clinical History assessment, coupled with an interactive Physical Examination. Our comprehensive approach involves Nerve and Muscle Tests, Deep Tendon Reflex assessments, Orthopedic Evaluations, Motor and Sensory Evaluations, and Bone and Joint Assessments. If necessary, we may recommend radiographs or other Diagnostic Imaging studies to gain deeper insights.

The good news is that millions of individuals each year discover Chiropractic Treatment to be an exceptionally effective means of alleviating their back pain. We extend a helping hand with FREE Consultations and Same Day Appointments, ensuring immediate access to much-needed relief from back pain.

Trust us to be your partner on the path to recovery. Your journey toward a life free from back pain starts here.

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