carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a condition characterized by the compression of the median nerve within the wrist joint. Symptoms typically manifest as weakness, numbness, and tingling sensations in the hand. However, CTS is a condition that often confounds both patients and healthcare providers alike due to its intricate nature.

The complexity arises from the fact that the median nerve’s journey begins in the neck, extends down through the forearm, and culminates in the hand. Consequently, the same set of symptoms associated with CTS can originate from various locations along this path, including the neck, upper back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, or hand.

Adding to the confusion, other conditions such as arthritis, wrist tendonitis, repetitive strain injuries, and thoracic outlet syndrome can exhibit similar symptomatology to CTS. This multitude of factors makes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome one of the most frequently misdiagnosed clinical conditions.

Furthermore, CTS can be easily mistaken for other health issues such as disc herniation in the spine, ligament instability in the neck, or nerve impingement in the shoulder. An inaccurate diagnosis can lead to ineffective and unsuccessful treatment.

Recognizing these complexities, at Kinetic Health & Injury Specialists, we conduct a meticulous and comprehensive evaluation of your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms. While Chiropractic Treatment can often provide effective relief for CTS, there are cases where a referral to another medical specialist or additional Diagnostic Imaging becomes necessary.

Rest assured, our commitment to your well-being remains unwavering. If we are unable to offer the appropriate assistance for your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, we pledge to connect you with the right healthcare professional who can provide the relief and solutions you need.

Your journey to understanding and managing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome begins with us, and we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible care.

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